The Associazione Mozart Svizzera of Lugano is the youngest of the over eighty present in the world. The associations actively collaborate with the Mozarteum Salzburg Foundation, participating also in the annual gathering that sees all Mozart associations in the world come together with a winter trip to Salzburg, full of musical events, promotion of young talents and various meetings with professionals, the executive committee of the Association Stiftung Mozarteum and internationally renowned artists.
Thanks to our passion for music - not only Mozart’s - we wish to address emerging Swiss and foreign young talents.
In our time it is more and more difficult for young musicians to find places devoted to concert-giving where they can improve and mature their relationship with an audience in order to verify their performance on a stage, which is necessary to cope with international competitions and concerts in more prestigious halls.
Our association aims at giving the most deserving young artists this opportunity of performing in public halls and of giving educational concert-lectures while inviting not only members and lovers of music but also organisers and musical agents in order to encourage a possible engagement necessary for the future of talented youths.
Among the aims of the Association there is obviously the creation of fruitful connections between musicians and music lovers. At the same time we will not pay less attention to the most playful and hedonistic aspects of a confrontation through the organisation of meetings and debates among members, even by means of the exquisitely historical resource of a Tafelmusik.
All this may create a network that will spread like wildfire the appreciation and knowledge of music and establish relationships with other associations in other cities of the world.

The interconnection of different cultures, the love for the music of the genius from Salzburg and for music in general, the wish of contributing to the artistic development of a young talent may render our Lugano association a meeting-place - a kind of drawing room - and a panacea for musicians and lovers of music.